How to Price Your DJ Services

May 13, 2023 my blog

As expert portable plate jockeys we are likewise Emcee’s, Intuitive Party Hosts, Occasion Organizers, Music Developers and Sound and Lighting Specialists. In addition, we can show support moves, and host challenges and games. Do we warrant a superior expense? Of course we do. Simply make sure to constantly merit your asking charge, and consistently give your clients significantly more than you have guaranteed.

1. Set your essential charge –

You really want to have a set base expense on which to work so you have a decent beginning stage for all occasions.

$100-$300 is the typical hourly rate in the business. Look at the opposition in your market and conclude your thought process is a decent beginning stage for your degree of administration.

2. Decide every one of the “additional items”

The cost of your administration ought to fluctuate relying upon the sort of event, the season, the area of the occasion, whether it’s daily or night occasion.

Furthermore, you can add things to your administration that give that additional degree of administration, for example, lighting impacts, artists, party props, Karaoke, and so on… Every one of these requirements to have a set charge so that it’s not difficult to decide the complete once you add it to your essential expense.

3. Set up your base schedule

Putting together your costs with respect to a emcee singapore three-hour minimum is extremely shrewd. Regardless of whether the occasion is just an extended, you actually need to arrangement and separate. Ensure this is represented.

4. Decide your Extraordinary Occasion Rate

Occasions, for example, weddings, Jewish rights of passage and a few corporate occasions are regularly reserved at a higher rate than different kinds of occasions. You will have double liability of being both the DJ and emcee, and ought to be redressed.

5. Set any limits

At times a decent motivation for individuals to employ your DJ administration is to offer them a rebate. Incorporate this thought into your evaluating structure and consider offering limits to non-benefit associations, clients able to prepay and corporate clients who book your administrations a few times each year.

6. Set additional time rates

Clients will frequently request that you expand your administrations past the first end time. Ensure you have a rate set with the goal that you can propose to do so right away. Normally you would charge half of the hourly rate you have cited for every thirty minutes of additional time you play.